Daughter of the King,

Wife to a Pastor,

Mother to 6 children,

underdog cheerleader,

special needs parent,

adoption advocate,

hope spreader,


and lover of a good party.


What I believe: THE Good News!

"A troubled jailer in the first century once asked two Christian leaders, “what must I do to be saved?” (Acts 16:30). This in fact is the most important question that anyone can ask. We are troubled not only by the evils of our world but also by our own faults. We often feel guilty for those words and deeds that our own consciences tell us are wrong. We probably sense that we deserve God’s judgment, not His favor. What can be done—or what has been done—to rescue us from our helpless situation?"   CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL BIBLICAL EXPLANATION OF WHAT I BELIEVE.  (FROM THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN AMERICA'S STATEMENT OF FAITH.)