His Greatest Masterpiece

Throughout my life, I have been privileged to see some of God's most incredible creations. The sun rise over the Austrian Alps, the multi-colored reef and fish of the Great Mayan Reef, the snowy white sands of New Mexico, the elephants of Thailand, the green hills of New York, the reflection of the Tetons in the crystal lakes of Wyoming. Here in the Colorado Rockies, I have looked around at our surroundings taking in the beauty and proclaiming how it almost looks fake, like it's computer generated or on a high definition TV screen. But here it is God's breathtaking Real creation with billions of ravishing sights, some views no human eye will ever see which he created for his enjoyment. The creativity and artistry of our Creator God is astounding and matchless.  We see his majesty in the trees, mountains, sunsets, beaches, streams, animals that are so good but there is only one creation he set apart as very good. YOU. You are the pinnacle of his creation, his greatest accomplishment, his favorite, his image bearer. They, your elderly neighbor, the refugee, the brown boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the homosexual, the child with Down Syndrome, the mother with brain cancer, the baby in the womb are His David statue, His Mozart Symphony 41, His Hamlet.  If someone handed you the Mona Lisa for safe keeping would you toss it in the back of your closet or would you research how to preserve it and illicit others to help you keep if safe? What a weight of responsibility would be upon you? They his greatest masterpiece have been handed to us to care for, to keep safe. We in with our acts of compassion, mercy, friendship, defense of these His Creation point wildly to the Creator saying He is good, very good and worthy of worship. To stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon and declare his praise is pleasing to God's ears but to stand at the bedside of the sick, to open your home to an orphan, to cross the tracks and tutor, this is true and undefined religion. This is living out the sanctity of human life.

Rachel Baxter