January Book Reviews

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: It was so fun to enter back into the world of Hogwarts after all these years! I read it in 6 hours my ten-year-old the speed reader read it is 3! it is easy and not as dark as the last books in the series. A great story about the difficulties of parenting and how we can allow fear to make us believe out kids are "cursed"  if we don't naturally understand them. You can't go wrong if you love Harry!

The Broken Way: This book addresses some incredibly difficult issues, suffering, compassion, the problem of evil and living in our brokenness and the brokenness of the world. For such heavy topics, Ann's way with words and hopeful theology give you light in the most unsuspecting places. I highly recommend this book; it was an easy listen for me(listened on Audible.) But there were so many quotes I loved I ended up buying the paper book. If you are human, you will suffer and break, so this book is for you. 

Jesus Outside the Lines : Still reading this one BUT is so good I had to go ahead and tell you a little about it. If you are tired of the "us against them" discussion we all read and ashamedly participated in the crazy 2016 election then this book is for you.  Scott shows the reader how we can speak truth in love just as Jesus did. I am thrilled to keep digging into this book. 

Rachel Baxter