Love Listens, a day of prayer and a book club!

We are living in a time where it feels as if everyone is shouting and no one is listening. The Lord has been convicting me lately as a believer in Jesus Christ I must be a listener. I must listen to those who look differently than me; I must listen to those who vote differently than me, I must listen to those who live differently, I must listen to those who worship differently, I must listen because to listen to someone is to love them.  James 1:19 says,  "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry." When we listen, we are slow to speak and slow to get angry, and the witness of Jesus is seen through us.  I want to challenge myself and my readers this month to grow in listening. Especially in listening to those who are different than you. Ask questions and listen. Find out what formed their world view? What experiences did they have in their life to make them into the person they are today? Invite a friend to coffee who looks, thinks or acts differently than you and ask them their story. Go on FaceBook and personally message someone you have been in conflict with over ideas and views and ask them to tell you their story?  Read books and articles by people who wouldn't usually read. Then go sit with Jesus in his word and in prayer and ask him what he has to say about the issue but more importantly what he says about the person you are listening to and equally important what He thinks of you. "When the grace of Jesus Sinks in, we will be among the least offended and most loving people in the world." Let's love through listening. 


How many of you made reading more on of your goals for 2017 but you can't seem to figure out how to actual make time to read? I am here to help! I am starting the Busy Mom's Book Club! Our goal will be to read or listen to one book a month together, and at the end of the month, I will do a FaceBook live at the end of the month where I give my thoughts on the book, and we can interact through comments and questions. I have chosen for the book Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. "The phenomenal true story of the black female mathematicians at NASA whose calculations helped fuel some of America s greatest achievements in space."  It has recently been made an award-nominated Motion picture, even if you have seen the movie you will love the book. I am a quarter through already and learning so much about the African-American community during this period; it has opened my eyes to struggles and viewpoints I did not have before. February is Black History Month and part of how we find race reconciliation today is listening to the people of the past and the present. LOVE LISTENS!
Join us in listening to these three beautiful black female lives of the 1950's and how they silently changed history! LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS (on here or on social media) IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING!
 Sign up for an  Audible account through my link and get Hidden Figures for free this month~ I am listening in the carline, washing dishes and before bed. There are so many crevices to listen to a book in your day!  Or if you need a paper copy follow this link or for the Kindle version click here! I can't wait to sit with you guys and talk about the book at the end of the month.



I am so encouraged to announce our next day of prayer. On Thursday, February 23 we will take a day to pray for race reconciliation. This is not your ordinary day of prayer this day of prayer was written by two friends who sought racial reconciliation during a very difficult time for each of them. One writer is African American and grew up on the "wrong side" of the tracks in Charlotte; the other writer is white, a Charlotte police officers wife and grew up in the Charlotte suburbs. It was through hearing their personal story of seeking each other to listen and learn and pray during the police shooting and riots in Charlotte this fall which inspired me to ask them to write these prayers. These prayers helped heal and reconcile the writers as they wrote them for us to pray. I am so honored to host this day of prayer. I hope you will all join me and invite your friends to pray with us.  LOVE LISTENS friends lets listen to these two women through their prayers and to the Lord through ours as we seek racial reconciliation in our own hearts and the world.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR! The day of prayer is not hard to participate in you simply set your alarm for each hour from 9-9 and take a few minutes each hour to pray through the prayer provided. These days are always so worshipful for me if you have never particpate I know you will be blessed. 

Rachel Baxter