Party with a purpose!

Ellie and I were home after a fun evening at the "Party on the Porch" for Fashion and Compassion and I was tucking her into bed when I heard her whisper two questions, what is trafficking and what is abuse? I hadn't been sure how much she had listened to the testimony of the Fashion and Compassion artisan who shared of God's redemptive work in her life earlier that evening, but now I knew she had heard it all.  At first, a wave of panic filled my heart; I didn't want to tell my daughter about these evils in the world.  Then came peace because I knew I wasn't only going to tell her about the evil I was going to tell her about the good, the healing and the redemption possible through Jesus and the people who are serving those who have been hurt.  And as we talked I also remembered these were not new concepts to her just a new context.  We have spoken many times about slavery in American and world history; so we really just continued this conversation.  I told her how slavery still exists in the world today and how people are fighting to end it.  Even abuse is something we have talked about in certain forms. We talked about how sad it was for this woman had to suffer and that it was not her fault. I reminded her that God was with her, suffering with her and for her and making a way of healing and redemption.  Then,  I spoke about the beautiful work Fashion and Compassion is doing with these women to help bring healing to their broken places through Bible study, friendship, and dignified work.  Lastly, I reminded her that God is in the business of taking what was broken and making it whole again, healing hearts, bodies, minds and souls.  It was not a conversation I had planned to have that evening, but it was one I was so thankful for, and it is why I want to share the work of Fashion and Compassion with all of you. I want to remind you in the midst of the brokeness of this world good and redemption is happening through Jesus and his people. 

Fashion and Compassion is not simply a jewelry business; this is a company in the business of giving dignity, healing and redemption for the artisans involved.  When you wear a Fashion and Compassion necklace, earrings or bracelets you are wearing freedom, justice, compassion, hope, righteousness, dignity, love for someone else. Fashion and Compassion is helping bring dignity and beauty into the lives of women and men around the world through work and the love of Jesus. We witnessed this fist hand through Angie's testimony about her time as an artisan with Fashion and Compassion here in Charlotte. Her story of gaining dignity and hope through friendship and work is exactly why I love this ministry!  So what are you waiting for, go buy some freedom, hope, and redemption for someone who desperately needs it and get a gorgeous necklace while you are at it! Keep reading for more gorgeous photo's from the event, meet my amazing co-hostesses for the party and check out some of my favorite pieces of jewelry linked below!

A little snap shot of who you are helping when you purchase this jewelry! 

A little snap shot of who you are helping when you purchase this jewelry! 

 I honestly love almost every piece of jewelry Fahsion and Compassion sell but here are some of my favorite pieces for you to browse.

The Joni Necklace

  • Sea glass and crystal beads
  • Purposefully made by women overcoming injustice in Charlotte, NC

The Tesfaye Necklace

  • Purposefully made by HIV+ women in Ethiopia 
  • All net proceeds benefit Hanna's Orphan Home

Strands of Hope Pearls ( I wore this necklace at the party)

  • Purposefully made by human trafficking survivors in Ecuador
  • All net proceeds support the education of these survivors through Education Equals Hope

Eternity Earrings

  • Purposefully made by women overcoming injustice in Charlotte, NC

Gold Bangle Stack Bracelets

  • Purposefully made by artisan in Mexico
  • All net proceeds support our work empowering women
Love our skirts check out another amazing company helping women in Togo, Africa,  Francis and Benedict. 

Love our skirts check out another amazing company helping women in Togo, Africa,  Francis and Benedict. 

Below are the lovely host of this fantastic event! Please stop by their blogs or instagrams to  get to know these the beautiful women. They are each using their influence online and off to bring help to others and are an inspiration to me. Each of them will be or have already posted about the event, so go read their perspective of the event while visiting their sites! I also wanted to include the information of some of wonderful folks which helped us pull off these event.   Milk and Honey Photography provided the gorgeous photos,  our Hand lettering needs were met by Kelsey.  Food and drink donations from Cocoa Cola, Modern Muffins and our hosteses  and flower donations from Renfrow farms. 

Our Hostesses:

Angela Braniff



Myquillyn Smtih


Shaunna Rushing with Nourish Charlotte


Renee Swope


Kaylyn Vancamp


Alexandra Hoover


Hayley Navey


Megan Phillips

Thank you all for coming to my virtual version of Party on the Porch! I hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Fashion and Compassion!  

Rachel Baxter