Mom Brain: Worth it

 According to the urban dictionary, Mom Brain is the phenomenon known to mothers where their brains become useless piles of goo after being around their children for too long.
Today I called the hospital system to pay a bill because I am old school and I just can't seem to set up an online account with them because my goodness I can not possibly be expected to remember another online password.  Because you see memory is the whole reason for this post, today on the phone the accounting person asked me a question that can quickly set me into a panic, she asked what is your child's birthday? I have six kids that is six months, six days and six years to remember, those are a lot of numbers, but this time I was able to remember Charlies Birthday relatively quickly and I was so proud. But then the dear accounting lady asked me another question what is your address? Oh that is easy I spouted that right off but then there was one more question(What was this the SAT?) she asked what my zipcode was? My mind went completely blank for a good thirty seconds...when I heard, "Mam, are you still there?" I searched my brain, and only one number came to mind, my childhood zipcode, I finally had to admit to her that I could not remember...then I had the brilliant idea and found an old piece of mail, tada, my zipcode. AHHHHH the humiliation of mom brain! I wish I could say this is the worst mom brain moment of my life but alas it is not. When Charlie was about two I went to the bank to create him a college account(you know so we could contribute $50 a year, and he could buy a book one day when he goes to college.) I had three of my five kids at the time with me, slobbering on bank lollipops and running around me in circles when the bank employee started to ask me the questions for his account, the first question, "What is your son's full name?" Yep, that is right I could not remember my son's full name, Charles UMMMMMM. For the life of me, I could not recall my child's middle name. I sat there for what felt like an eternity before I stammered and sheepishly admitted I couldn't remember his middle name. I think I gave some lame excuse about giving birth to five kids in 6 years, but I knew there was no way to escape this humiliation. I asked her to continue with the questions and that hopefully, it would come to me. About five minutes later in the middle of her creating my account, I frantically yelled out, ROBERT!!!! His middle name is Robert! I yelled so loud I made the lady jump, yep because the only way to make this more embarrassing was to make a scene. Oh mom brain, it is a very real thing, a true lesson in humility I never knew I needed.  One thing I do know is each of these precious children are worth every sacrifice even if it means my memory.  I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos by my dear friend Christy Mason, at least I have the photos if I lose my mind.

BAXTER FALL 2017-0001.jpg
BAXTER FALL 2017-0009.jpg
BAXTER FALL 2017-0073.jpg
BAXTER FALL 2017-0012.jpg
BAXTER FALL 2017-0081.jpg
BAXTER FALL 2017-0024.jpg
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Rachel Baxter