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I have had a heart for the orphan as long as I can remember. Although I don't recall when it started, I know where it began, it was in my childhood home. I had two adopted siblings and a there was always an open door for people in need, it was the place I learned "love makes room." I guess it was in my blood. After eleven years of marriage and five children, God saw fit to grow our family through adoption. We brought home a little boy named Ben from China the summer of 2016.  Our adoption was not the beginning or the end of our orphan care journey. Caring for the orphan is much bigger than adoption, and if we want to see the orphan crisis come to an end, we have to see all the ways we can care for the "orphan and widow" in our communities. I hope ideas to accomplish this is what you find here!


 Here are some links to orphan care related blog post I have written and resources and books on adoption, foster care and starting an orphan care ministry.  


     I dedicate this section of my website to my little brother David who came into our family and heart at age seven through adoption. Even though he had to leave this earth early, he taught me so much. He taught me that real love does not always come easy, that being a family takes work and that every child alone or hurting in this world is worth the sacrifice and work it takes to rescue them.  I Love you, David!

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